Optimise your diet, nutrition & lifestyle choices for a better present and future

Qualified Yoga Teacher, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach in County Galway, Ireland by Aisling Brennan BSc (Hons) Computing in Software Development, Dip NLC IHS, Nutrition Therapy Student.

Welcome - Fáilte!

Hi, I’m Aisling and ready to work closely with children, adolescents, and adults who need to make long-lasting health changes and guide you to a rejuvenated future, with understanding skills and compassion.

As an Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, I am an expert, educator & ally, and use these different roles to support individuals towards greater wellness and longevity with focus on creating an effective, individualized nutrition, lifestyle and supplement plan.

As a Yoga teacher, mentor and facilitator, I am bringing forth what is there already within the student and holding the space for them to uncover and engage with what is coming up for them in their practice. You have a physical body that needs to be cared for, a mind as a compass, and feelings that will motivate you and me as your guide! My classes are accessible, no matter what your level of fitness may be. They say it takes 28 days to break a habit. That's long enough to reset yourself but short enough so you reach your lifestyle goals and stay motivated.

If you are experiencing:

• digestion issues

• skin issues

• hormonal problems

• preconception fertility

• peri/menopause support

• immunity

• aging well

• bone health

• tiredness/low energy

• anxiety

• low mood

• tension

• diabetes

• sugar cravings

• overweight/obesity

• stress

Know that there’s no need to suffer any longer, reach out today and get help to move toward a better future. I can work with you to improve your diet and overall wellness and help you implement any deficiencies in your diet.

Some of the most popular goals I see in yoga studio and nutrition clinic are: "my overall body need stretching", "I need energy", "to lose weight for all round health purposes", "to adapt a more holistic approach to self care", and "to identify healthier eating habits for myself and my family".

Latest news:

Mission Statement

Aisling's mission is to inspire and guide you to success - you can change your health. However you define it. I will help celebrate your authentic self to realize your full potential using your inherent strengths. My life coaching provides "excuse-proof" accountability and on-going support for clients to acquire and sustain the benefits of new skills, positive habits and shifts on a long-term basis.' At Aisling Brennan Wellness my aim is to provide you with the right nutritional advice specifically for your needs and to empower you on your journey to improved health and wellbeing."

Nutrition & Health

What clients have said who have worked with me

Main motivating factors for coming to see a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

• To learn how to achieve and maintain my goals, a life time solution to my current concerns

• Ensuring the diet and lifestyle choices I'm making are optimal for both the present & future

• Looking to improve overall mental health/wellbeing and outlook on life

• Wanting to be a good role model for kids and looking after yourself

• Having more energy throughout the day and avoiding afternoon slumps

Contact me

Ready to get started?

Why not book your complimentary 15-minute discovery call where you can talk openly and share your health concerns and goals. For more information, you can phone me on +353 87 233 7579.


I work online mostly, but can meet face to face from a consultation room. Online clinics will be held via zoom.

I also offer private 1:1 yoga both in-person and online. I have recordings available if needed.

I am situated between Ardrahan and Kilcolgan in South Galway, easily accessible from Oranmore, Galway city, Athenry, Loughrea, and the surrounding areas. I also see clients from the wider county Galway and Clare areas.

All inquires are usually answered within 24 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential and uses secure phone and email services.

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